Meet the band

Mark Schultz

Bass – vocals

Mark met Eric in 6th grade in the early 80’s, when Mark also met Allen Price (bass player and co-founder of the metal band Dead Horse) who was Mark’s original bass inspiration. Credit must be given where it’s due.  Mark asserts that if you asked 100 people to name their 10 favorite songs from the 80’s you would literally get 1,000 different answers.

Eric Powitzky

Guitar – Keys – Vocals

Always a great singer, Eric got the guitar bug several years ago as a spare time creative outlet. One thing led to another and Mark said “We hardly have time to fish anymore and nobody wants to hear my lecture on LBJ’s role in the Six Day War. Let’s play 80’s music”.  Their friendship has continued to be the impetus behind The Chocolate Orb.

Pastor Oropeza

Drums – Vocals

Pastor has been in on the Houston music scene for awhile but when he teamed up with Mark and Eric he took the level of musicianship to a new level.  Pastor has a long resume of working with some talented musicians.  He’s literally a human drum machine which works out great for playing 80’s music.

scott gray

Lead guitar

Corporate CFO by day, Scott has been a musician for many years and plays lead guitar in jams around the Houston area several times a month. He knows the drill inside out, backwards and forwards.  Scott simply shreds any song thrown at him.

megane Primault


Megane is a force de la nature on percussion, vocals, and dance. Her creative energy can transform any event into a fantastique soiree.

Thomas cokinos

Keys – Vocals

Thomas Cokinos, the piano man, is a seasoned entertainer with over ten years of experience in captivating crowds. At 17, he launched his solo show, while also playing keys in multiple rock, country, and reggae groups over the years. Needless to say, he was a great catch for the band!