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The Chocolate Orb is the DeLorean that takes you back to the real music of the 1980's and not just the top hits.   Our mission is to make people dance, laugh, reminisce, and occasionally say "I can't believe they played that song."

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Mark is the trippy bass player for the Orb and is mafia boss of the set list. If the song we play sucks he is responsible. If it is good, then the band mate that sings it takes credit.  If Mark didn't care about the crowd, he would play an all Violent Femmes set and Eric would support him.

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the cure

Dr. Eric

He may be an M.D. by day but he's a master of 80's music by night.  Delivering mad vocals, guitar and recently keys. He a versatile talent...but sometimes he can be a diva and a madman working out keys for certain songs.  If he had it his way, he would play an all Cure set with Mark's support.  

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The Orb

Pastor Oropeza plays the drums and we have recently found that he's been holding out on us as a vocalist so stay tuned for that.  Leah White wears liquid leggings on stage (not leather pants to dispel the rumor).  Scott Gray simply shreds anything and everything.

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